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Regular preparation of accounts is highly recommended as a vital management tool in any business.  The appropriate accounting frequency depends on a number of factors such as the size, nature, seasonality, sector and stakeholders in your business. 

I can prepare management accounts on a monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annual basis, as appropriate to your business.  These management accounts need not be constrained by the format required in statutory accounts and can include a number of key performance indicators, both quantitative and qualitative, to assist you to monitor, understand and improve business performance.  The inclusion of graphs and commentaries can greatly facilitate the understanding of owners or managers with limited prior experience in reading and interpreting accounts.  Increased understanding is the key to optimising business performance and profitability.  I will tailor your management accounts and reports to your business and accounts users. 

If you would like to strengthen the management team but cannot afford a full-time experienced accountant, I am available to support your business as a part-time Finance Manager, with a wealth of practical experience to draw on.

Small businesses often require in-house financial expertise but cannot afford to pay for the desired level of experience on a full-time basis.  Business owners tend to default to employing inexperienced full-time staff to match their budget, when, at times, a part-time finance manager with more experience might be better able to support the business and, where relevant, help train and develop less experienced staff in the day to day running of the finance function.

The Finance Manager plays a vital team role in every business.  Choose a Finance Manager who will row in and steer your business in the right direction.

If you do not have the time, experience, resources or inclination to have a dedicated in-house finance function, you can simply outsource it.  I can  maintain your books, process payroll, prepare management accounts, budgets and forecasts on your behalf, leaving you free to concentrate on your core business.

Don't get bogged down in finance tasks if you're not programmed that way.  You have a higher purpose in your business. 

Don't let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do!  Farm it out! Your business will thank you for it; and you'll thank yourself for it.

With the benefit of real-life experience in indigenous Irish industry, multinational companies and a Big-4 Practice, I offer a range of highly-practical business advisory services including the following: 

  • Review of accounting processes with advice to improve efficiency and effectiveness
  • Profitability analysis and hands-on assistance in cost reduction
  • Review of internal controls to reduce the risks of error, fraud and inefficiency
  • Advice and assistance in the implementation of suitable accounting software and systems and user-training
  • Review of working capital (cash) management and collection of debt from customers
  • Advice and assistance in setting performance targets, budgeting and forecasting
  • Other consultations on financial and business matters

Based on my own past experience as Head of Finance, I know there is hardly ever a quiet time of year.  So many times, I wished the budgets were done, the year-end was over, the project was complete, so I could work pro-actively on what was most important, rather than what was most urgent.  How many times did I vow to cut back on excessive hours and how many times did I break my own promise? 

Life in the finance department is busy at the best of times and can be all-consuming at peak times.  Let me be "an extra pair of hands" to deliver a project or support you through busy times of the year.  This will ensure that the project gets the dedication required to see it through to a successful conclusion without distracting your attention from the core business and running of the finance department.

If your company is required to have an annual audit, you will know just how much time and money this can consume.   If you have a group of companies, all requiring audits, you can multiply both the time and cost involved.

I can help you to reformat your ledgers into statutory accounts format and provide the supporting documentation and analysis auditors require, allowing the in-house finance function to focus on delivering value in the current year rather than being backward-focused. 

Most auditors will be ready, willing and able to agree an audit fee reduction in return for receiving better quality and timely information; helping them to meet their tight deadlines.

Maintaining proper books and records is not only a legal requirement for companies, it is critical to monitoring business performance.  Key performance indicators are readily available in well maintained books on a weekly or monthly basis, even if accounts are required less often.  Maintaining orderly books facilitates completion of tax returns, and allows accounts to be reliably and efficiently prepared, avoiding the headache of a year-end backlog and piecing together incomplete records. 

I can maintain these records for you if you do not have the resources or expertise, or, if you prefer, I can train and assist you to be self-sufficient.  Either way, I will keep the process as simple as possible and avoid over-complication.

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